A Virtual Tour of Sand Dune Systems

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Charles Elton, regarded as the father of animal ecology had this to say about the science of Ecology

'The aim of our science is to declare

Why, and how much of what comes where'

(attributed to Charles Elton, Quoted in Seashore Studies by Morton Jenkins, publ. George Allen and Unwin, 1983)


In this virtual tour you will be able to answer, or at least partly answer, all of the above questions on screen.

First, a stroll through the dunes HERE.

There are various routes through the material, but in a standard visit to such a dune system students would first familiarise themselves with the living things there (the WHAT question).

Then would come a distribution analysis, usually using a TRANSECT. This is the WHERE and HOW MUCH questions

Measurement of environmental factors, looking for correlations and designing experiments to test for causality begins to answer WHY.